Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Road Home

Yesterday I wanted to explore more
of the space above Computer Aunt's cabinets.

Unfortunately, I didn't get very far.

Then I noticed that all the humans looked like
they were getting ready to leave me again.
So I retreated to my Ultimate Box of Vacation (Rebellion).

I began to think they weren't planning on leaving me.
Instead, I began to thing they were going to involve me.

I was right.
Mom got on a stepladder and dragged me out
of my Ultimate Box of Vacation.

She sat me on her lap and put my car harness on me.

It became clear to me at that point that we were leaving.

I guess Computer Aunt wasn't coming with us.
She was just getting ready for work.
So we all said our goodbyes and off we went.

At first I complained.
Then, after we had been on the road for an hour,
we stopped at a rest area so I could get some 
last wiggles out.

Then I snuggled under the blanket in the car
and accepted that I would be there awhile.
I would, however, meow when Mom looked 
back and said 'hi' to me.

After we got away from the big cities
with their big trucks, I came out from 
under my blanket for awhile.

The rest of the trip I pretty much slept through.
I remember there was one snowy rest area 
Mom and Daddy seemed excited to be at,
but I stayed in the car where it was warm.

The the sun went down and the road
began to wear away my sanity.

I was thoroughly done being in the car.
I ate some food, I used the litter box,
then I continued to meow incessantly.

Between you and me, I'm pretty sure
Mom and Daddy were done being on 
the road too.

I just couldn't understand why, if 
we were all done, we didn't just stop.

Then I began to understand.
We came to the edge of a town that quickly 
got my attention.
This wasn't just another nameless town
on the never-ending highway.

This was familiar.
I was sure of it.

Then Daddy rolled down a window.
Ahhh, yeah!
That smelled deliciously familiar!

I stopped meowing and just took it all in!

This was HOME!

Before I knew it we were pulling into our 
car space.

I couldn't WAIT to get out of the car!
As soon as we did, I walked to the front
door as quickly as the leash would allow.

Sure, it smelled a little strange.
I'm pretty sure the Maintenance Guys had 
been there.
I even noticed the scent of fresh paint.

I didn't care.

MY house.
MY things.
MY bed.

It's great to be home!

Now, about that nighttime walk....