Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pleasant Day

Yesterday morning, while Mom was still 
sleeping, I didn't want to eat alone.
So I began my day with Mimzy.

Then, when Mom finally got up, I officially 
began my day in my Alternate Box of Rebellion.

Mom, however, insisted I go with her on the usual rounds.
I must admit that I enjoyed it.

On the way from the mailbox to the 
Nice Ladies' office I took time to stop and 
smell the flora.

Once we got into the office, I began to explore.
Mom went over to the table in one corner 
while I went under the Christmas tree in the
opposite corner.
Then I heard Mom say the magic words:
"Winchester! Come get your harness off!"
Let's just say that I wasted no time obeying Mom.
I came out from under the tree, leaped over the couch,
ran across the remaining floor, and jumped up 
onto the chair in front of Mom.
She was so proud of me.

Once I had my harness off, I was able 
to really relax.

I discovered that thing was still blocking
my view out the window.

I let Mom know how happy I was.

Then Nice Lady 1 gave me a box to play with.

After Mom and I went home, Daddy showed up.
I guess he got to come home from
work earlier than usual.
I thought that maybe Mom would stay home
even though it was Wednesday.
I was disappointed when Daddy took her away.
At least he came back.

When Daddy went and brought Mom back,
I was very happy to see her.

This is a picture of her holding me over her shoulder.

When she finally sat down in the recliner, however,
she wouldn't keep still.

So Daddy offered his lap, complete with blanket.

I rewarded him with my company.
After all, he did stay home while Mom was gone.
That behavior must be rewarded.