Thursday, December 11, 2014

Close to Mom is Best

Yesterday I tried to start off my day in
the usual manner.
I climbed up into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion
so I wouldn't have to go with Mom on the usual rounds.

There was one problem.
It was a windy day...and there were leaves 
blowing across the grass outside.

They were SO distracting!

Well, even though Mom initially went without me,
she came back.

By then I couldn't resist but to come down and
run outside to look at the leaves.

So Mom took me with her to the Nice Ladies' office.
She said something strange on the way there.
"It'll be better this way."

Well, what does THAT mean?

When I got into the office I began to understand
that something was indeed amiss.

For one thing, there were these boxes full
of light bulbs.

Mom explained that they were changing all the 
light bulbs in all the apartments for more energy
efficient ones.

Let's be honest.
I have absolutely no idea what that means.

All I heard was, "The Maintenance Guys and 
some strangers will be invading my home so 
it's better if I stay in the Nice Ladies' office for now."

So I went and sat under the Christmas tree.

Then Mom put a chair next to hers,
and I enjoyed some much deserved affection.

After awhile Tornado Girl showed up and 
we went back home.

Mom's attention was taken, so I sat on a  
chair under the dining room table.

Then Wednesday Guy came and took them away.

I was terribly lonely.
I once again resorted to putting Mimzy in my food bowl.

Even with Mimzy there, I didn't eat much.
Let's face it, she's a poor replacement for Mom 
watching over me.

So, as soon as Mom came home,
I ate with her watching over me AND 
Mimzy in my bowl.

Once Mom and Daddy settled onto the couch for
the evening, I did too.

At last, things were as they should be.