Monday, December 15, 2014

Eventful Weekend

Saturday I was, once again, reluctant to start my day.

Eventually Mom and Daddy got me out of the house.
I hadn't been in the car since the big road trip.
After my initial concerns about being on another 
long trip abated, I accepted being in the car.

We went to the pet store.
I was very popular with the strangers there.

They seemed really interested in learning all about
how I was leash trained.

I was just interested in testing out the cat trees.

One of these days, I will have one...I hope.

Once we were back in the car I was quite content.

This one day outing was nothing compared to 
a week long road trip.

I was a pro!

Since I was so well behaved,
Mom and Daddy took me for a nighttime
walk by the river.

Yep, my Caturday was pretty okay.

Sunday started out normal enough.
Then Nice Boy and his parents came for a visit.

I went into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion
to keep a watchful eye on Nice Boy's Dad.

I'm quite certain he can't be trusted.

They gave Mom a gift.
Well, they said it was for Mom,
but I'm pretty sure it's for me.

I've waited a long time for a new season
of my favorite show to begin.

I think it's worse than waiting for a 
new season of Sherlock!

That's right, it's Fish Tank.

I'm not sure which season it's on now, 
but it sure looks tasty.

I was really intrigued by the new look of the show.

I guess the new star of the show is 
called Darth Maul.

I couldn't touch him,
so I tried tasting.

It was a bit like the condensation on the
side of a glass that I like so much,
but not quite as satisfying.

Eventually I lost interest in Fish Tank, (for now)

Nice Boy's family left; then Auntie and Uncle arrived.

Since the humans were keen on doing human things
instead of paying attention to me,
I returned to my Alternate Box of Rebellion.

After awhile the house got quiet again.
So I settled next to Mom and Daddy on the couch.

All in all,
I had a pretty good weekend.