Friday, December 12, 2014

Nothing Wrong with Lazy

Yesterday I once again began my
day by settling into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Mom went on the usual rounds without me.
Or so I thought.
It turns out that Auntie and Uncle 
showed up and took Mom away.

After what I'm sure was hours, Mom returned.
It was then that we went to visit the 
Nice Ladies in the office.

I did enjoy my time there, however,
there was this big thing in the window
blocking my view.

So I went and sat under the Christmas tree.

After all, there's nothing better to find under
a Christmas tree than a cat.

Later that evening I was allowed to 
enjoy a bit of patio time on the tether.
I didn't really have any desire to leave the
patio because it looked a bit wet out there.

Eventually Daddy came home and Uncle returned.
This time all of my humans stayed home,
so I took advantage of having Mom's lap available.

Not a very eventful day for me, 
but I guess I can accept that.