Saturday, December 27, 2014

Return to Routine

Yesterday I was back to my routine.
I began my day in my Alternate Box of Rebellion.

Eventually, of course, I went to visit Nice Lady 1 in the office.

Mom caught me mid stretch in this picture:

Nice Lady managed to get my attention 
by ringing a wooden bell.

When it was time to go I was eager to get home,
however, I was NOT eager to cross the snow.

Then rest of my day was fairly uneventful.
I slept in various places closest to wherever Mom was.

It was, after all, a cold day outside.

Oneself can only be lazy for so long...even if 
oneself IS a cat.

So I began to pine for a nighttime walk.

Mom gave me all sorts of excuses.
"I'm already in my pajamas."
"It's below freezing outside."

Whatever, Mom. What-e-ver!

I was BORED!
So when she tried to film my pouting face,
I played with her dangling lens cap.

Then I got closer to the door.

I waited for Mom to give in.

Then I began the usual pacing around the house
and back to the door.

Mom, however, stood her ground.

So I stood mine as well.