Friday, December 5, 2014

Getting My Way

Yesterday Mom didn't wake up in time 
to watch me eat, so I quickly turned to Mimzy.

Then, I climbed into my Alternate Box of Rebellion 
as I watched Mom.

She looked like she was going to leave the house.
Well, of course she was.
She was going on the usual run.
Visit the Nice Ladies.

I didn't feel like going with her,
so I made sure I used the proper body language
to convey my attitude.

It worked.
I didn't have to leave the house until after sundown.
Then Mom let me go out on the tether for a bit 
while she hung some lights around the window.

It was beginning to get foggy,
but still above freezing at the time.
So I enjoyed my time out there on the patio.

As it turned out, things were fairly back to normal.
Facetious Friday came for a visit on schedule.

After she had gone I curled up where she had been.
The seat was nice and warm, after all, and I was
happy to have routine back in my life.

That is, until Mom tried to entice me to play.

I almost went for it, but ultimately 
curled back into sleep mode.