Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finding Ways to Entertain

Yesterday I tried to resist going out.

I tried, but failed.
Mom decided I had been sulking in the house 
long enough.
So we went on the usual rounds to get the mail
and visit the Nice Ladies.

I investigated underneath the Christmas tree in
the Nice Ladies' office, but found no evidence 
of any gifts for me.

Mom stayed in in there for-e-ver.
I didn't mind at first, but eventually I got bored.
So bored, in fact, that when it came time to
go home, I had no enthusiasm left.

I was glad, however, that the weather wasn't
half bad.
So Mom let me enjoy some time outside
on the tether.

Later, I decided to try something new and 
drank out of the kitchen sink.

I found it a dubious way to get water.

Mom hung out with Computer Aunt,
who was back to being scentless and 2D.

Then the other Aunt and Uncle came over.
You see, they keep changing.
They were 'Monday Aunt and Uncle' until
they switched to Fridays.
Then they didn't seem to come on Fridays.
So here it was Monday and there they were!

So now I will just call them Other Aunt and Other Uncle.

So, while the humans visited I had to 
turn to methods of self entertainment.

I chose my tail over any of my toys.

Eventually all the humans settled into the living room.
So Mom's lap became available.

An opportunity I can hardly pass up in these colder months.

I do hope Tuesday is a little more cat-focused...if you know what I mean.