Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ups and Downs

Yesterday I was once again reluctant to 
join Mom on the usual rounds.

Of course, she eventually convinced me to go with her.

I was happy with the final outcome.
The Nice Ladies' office was pleasant
I sat under the Christmas tree.
 I sat in the little window that joins their offices together.
I also, of course, enjoyed the chair next to Mom

That's when I got a little carried away.

When we returned home, I was allowed a little
outdoor time.
Unfortunately it was damp and the tasty plant
was thoroughly dead for the season.

It was disappointingly unappetizing.

After Daddy came home,
I pleaded with my humans to let me back outside.

When that failed, I resorted to
trying something new.

Don't judge me.
I like the way the smooth cool glass feels on my tongue.

Then Facetious Friday came over.
Although, since I don't really know if she'll stick
to coming over on Fridays, I think I should start 
calling her Facetious Human.

After she had gone, I snuggle up with Mom and 
Daddy on the couch for quite some time.

Unfortunately a problem arose.
My humans wouldn't STAY on the couch.

They kept getting up and sitting back down.
Up and down.  Up and down.

So I had to abandon Mom's warm lap and
opted instead for the blanket on the recliner.