Monday, December 22, 2014

Slow Weekend

The last few days have been 
terribly uneventful.

After a completely routine day on Friday,
Mom actually took me for a nighttime walk.

I was surprisingly unenthusiastic.

I didn't go far at all.
This was a decision I would later regret.
For one thing, Mom hasn't taken me on one since.
For another....

Saturday was wet.

I felt like it was dark all day long.
I went out on the patio for a bit,
but any further hopes of adventures were

Sunday wasn't much better.
Mom and Daddy were gone much of the day.

...Mimzy was my companion.

I should point out that Facetious Human did
visit on Friday.
And I should point out that Auntie and Uncle visited
on well as a bit on Sunday.

I, however, didn't really care much for 
any of the human activities.

Still, when Mom and Daddy finally came home
Sunday night and settled down, I was quite glad to have them.

I let Mom know that I loved her.

I let Mom know that I wanted to play.

I wasn't going to insist on play,
but I was going to insist on some loving.

Monday, however, I will insist on playtime.
Oh yes, Mom, I will.