Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Making the Best of Things

Yesterday I couldn't wait for Mom to get up
to watch me eat.
So, I not only put Mimz in my food bowl,
I added a side of fish for good measure.

When it came time to make the usual rounds,
I told Mom I didn't want to go.

She let me stay home.
Eventually, however it got a bit lonely.
Fortunately, Mom came and got me.

Once I was actually in the office visiting the 
Nice Ladies, I began to enjoy it.

Although, I went under my favorite chair when 
people I didn't know came in.
Mom put the flap up on my chair so
I could see out when I was under it.

This helped me understand that no one was out
to get me and it was safe to come out.

So I did.

I found the top of the chair quite comfortable.

I was able to relax there for quite some time.

Eventually, however, I was ready to go home.
So I moved to a position that displayed my
mood and opinion to everyone in the room.

I was disappointed when Mom failed to get the point;
taking pictures when she should have been taking me home.

I tried to explain things to her logically.

"See the clock behind me, Mom?
It clearly says it's time to go home."

Somehow she failed to see my logic.
So I had to resort once again to
entertaining myself.

FINALLY she got the hint.

Going home turned out to be a bit 
of a disappointment.

Mom didn't let me go out on the patio.
Instead, she got out the Carpet Monster.

I was not amused.

Once Daddy came home I began to relax.

Sure, things didn't go my way.
Sure, the Carpet Monster came out.
Ultimately, however, I was indeed at home.
I had Mom, Daddy, and a nice cozy blanket on the couch.

I began to see the brighter side of things
and snuggled in for a good long cat nap.

Of course, this doesn't mean I won't be 
disappointed with Wednesday.

You can't possibly expect a disgruntled cat like me 
to make a habit of looking on the bright side.