Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another Day of Monster Noise

Yesterday, as soon as I heard the Monster,
I hid under the bed.

When Mom opened the bedroom door,
I checked to see if it was as bad as I thought.
It was.

Of course, I didn't venture so close.
Instead, I assessed the threat from here:

Then I retreated back to safety.
Every so often I would step out from under the bed,

but I would venture no further.

It wasn't until after Mom had made the usual rounds
without me and things had calmed down that I 
finally went outside to check things out.

The pool area was still a war zone.
I'm guessing that means the Monster will return.

Auntie and Uncle visited for awhile.
That helped put me in a good mood.

After they left I began to play.

Of course, whenever my toy fell off the 
top of my box hotel, I waited for Mom to
pick it back up and hand it back to me.

I did that for awhile until the need to clean
my feet became a distraction.

After which I settled down for a good nap.

After all, I suspect my morning sleep will be interrupted
once again by the sound of the Monster.