Friday, March 20, 2015

Old Friends

Yesterday began with the usual visit to the Nice Ladies' office.

When Mom and I headed out toward home,
someone was approaching our patio.
I was surprised to see her.
She was familiar, but it had been quite awhile since
her last visit.
I was trying to remember...yes, I believe I call her Loud Girl.
Shortly after she came into our home,
more of the Teenagers showed up.
Well! This certainly hasn't happened in awhile.

Still, it was just like old times, so I was content.
Mom let me hang out on the patio while they visited.

I tried my luck with the mouse.

Still, no success.

Later that evening all I could think about was going
back outside.
The thought consumed me.

Then, much to my surprise, Mom began to get 
herself ready to face the chill of the night.

I was excited, but not half as excited as I 
became when I caught sight of a cat walking
through my territory!

I couldn't wait to get outside to find him!
Unfortunately, my excitement made it difficult for
Mom to put my harness on me.
It took too long and I missed that cat.

Still, I got a nice long nighttime recon!

After an extensive search for clues,
I returned to my patio.

Maybe I'll have better luck next time.