Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Mouse Hunt Continues

Yesterday, after the usual rounds,
Mom allowed me to pursue that mouse.

I kept right on it...most of the time.
Twice I was interrupted by dogs passing through my territory.
I wanted to pick a fight with one, but Mom ordered me to stand down.
I obeyed.
The second dog was bigger. Much bigger.
I thought about picking a fight, but I retreated.

It dropped a ball on my grass.
Mom told the dog's human, but he said it was just
some ball the dog had found elsewhere.
Well, I don't want it!

I also took a couple of food breaks.
(I made Mom follow and watch me eat.)

I also stopped when I realized Mom had thrown out
my tasty grass and replaced it with dirt.
Sure, it was dying, but it was mine.
She said she was replacing it with fresh catnip.
Well...okay, but it doesn't smell like nip!

After that I returned to my mission while Mom
continued watching from the patio.

I could hear it in the tasty plant.

I tried two different angles of attack.

Sometimes I tried to creep closer by sticking my 
head through the bars of the fence.

I was persistent and very stealthy.

Eventually Mom came over to check on my progress.

I was so happy.
I stopped to actually TASTE the tasty plant
instead of just checking it for mice.

I thanked Mom for letting me stay out hunting 
the mouse for so long.

She said she heard it too!
So, with renewed enthusiasm, I resumed my stake-out.

After about two and a half hours, I finally gave up
and went inside.

After awhile. however, I got restless again.
Mom was kind enough to let me outside on the tether.

Much to my surprise, Mom didn't stop there. After a few minutes,
she actually took me for a nice long nighttime recon!

I got the royal treatment all day!
So, is it any wonder that I helped myself
to Daddy's cup of water?

And you know what?
I didn't get punished for it either!

This day would have been perfect if only I had caught that mouse!