Tuesday, March 3, 2015


After a peaceful weekend,
Monday happened.

That is, the noise resumed.
There was an absolute Monster in my territory.

I crawled so far under the bed that the camera
couldn't find me.
So, after I could hear Mom sitting in the room
with me for quite some time,
I decided to venture out to see if it was safe.

It wasn't.
The Monster was still roaming about.

Fortunately, Mom stayed with me.
She only left for a short while to go on the usual rounds.

After the noise finally stopped for the day,
Daddy came home.
I chose to sit with him for a long time.
Eventually, however, he made the mistake of 
touching his eye after petting me.
Well, that triggered an allergic reaction for poor
Daddy.  So I stayed in the recliner by myself 
while he went and washed his eye out.
It just goes to show how much he loves me...
...allergens and all.

I pretty much stayed in the recliner the entire time
 Facetious Human was visiting.

When Mom walked outside to see her off,
I seized the opportunity to check out the damage
done to my territory from earlier in the day.
It was mostly cleaned up, but the evidence
left by that Monster was apparent.

Mom didn't allow me to stay outside for very long.
Fortunately, she made a good attempt to ease my stress
by offering me some wet food.

I ate a small bit of it, then curled up on the 
back of the couch behind Mom.

I found it difficult to relax.
After all, I suspect the Monster will return.