Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beautiful Day to Feel Ignored

Yesterday was beautiful.
We had record breaking high temperatures,
so I got to spend time outside.
 I decided to go looking for that mouse.

I was as stealthy as possible.

However, I failed to catch it.
I blame human interference.

Since my favorite sidewalk rolling spot has been
hosed down, rained on, and power washed,
I had a good roll on my own patio.

I was positively delightful.

That's about where the pleasantness of my day ended.
After my outdoor time, I was ignored.
I even went into my Box of Boredom for a good sit.

When Mom went to take a picture of me sitting there,
I thought, 'Oh! She's paying attention to me!' so I came out.
All she ended up with was this blurry photo:

She got no photo and I remained ignored.

The night wore on and attention to the cat.

I climbed onto the penthouse on top of my box hotel.
I looked as pathetic as possible.
Still, the humans failed to give me any proper attention.

So I sunk further.
I retreated to the dining room chair.

They didn't even seem to notice for the longest!

Then, just when I thought all was lost,
Mom did something unexpected.
She pulled my chair out from under the table and put
my harness on me.

Then she set me outside on the tether!

I had a nice time out there.
The only problem was that Mom was sitting a few
feet away through the open door of the dining room.
I wanted her outside...with me.

I didn't stay out for very long.
At least I was reassured of one thing...

Mom still loves me.