Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mouse Obsessed

Over the weekend I went on a Caturday outing.

The wind was blowing outside and I could feel
the weather changing.
So didn't really feel like going out.
Still, Mom and Daddy buckled me in and let me 
crawl into my traveling bag.

There, I hid from the day.

That is, I hid until I could tell we were close to home.

I spent time outside on the patio hoping to catch that mouse.

It was cold and wet, so Mom was kind enough to
take my hideaway off the top of my box hotel
and bring it out to me.

Let's face it.
Some days concrete can be cold on the paws.

Eventually the air got cold on the rest of me.
So I moved indoors...perch and all.

The mouse, however, did not come out.

So all I could do was find a nice human lap to nap on.

This time I chose Daddy.

I've been choosing him more often of late.

The arrival of Monday did nothing to improve the weather.

I was still intent on catching that mouse,
so at one point I braved the rain and ran across to the
nearest dry spot.

The mouse, however, remained warm and dry
hidden in my tasty plant.

All I could do is retreat to the warmth of the indoors.

The Monday People made their usual appearance.
I remained aloof.

Eventually I began to yearn for the warmth
of a human lap once again.
This time I chose Mom.

After a good long nap, I resumed my
quest for that mouse.

No luck.

I then went into my room, grabbed Mimzy,
and brought her into the living room for a bit of play.

My mind, however, was still on the mouse.