Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Chill

Yesterday I was happy to visit the Nice Ladies
in their office.
I also enjoyed seeing my portrait on display.

I've come to accept that I own the place.

Lately Mom leaves me in there while she steps out
to get the mail.
As she came back in from getting the mail yesterday,
I ran and hid when she opened the door to come back in.

I was embarrassed when I realized it was just Mom,
so I tried to cover it up by going back under the chair and
pretending I had just meant to go there anyway.

When it came time to to go out on the patio,
I waited to see if the mouse would make a mistake
and show himself.
He didn't.

It was cold and windy, so I didn't stay out as long
as I would've liked.
It's no wonder that it began to rain later.

I tried my best to enjoy a little bit of the night,
but ultimately I had to call it quits.

After a visit from Facetious Human,
I curled up with Mom on the couch.

What other way is there to spend a cold wet spring night?