Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Finding Mice

Yesterday started off a bit rough.
There was noise coming from near the pool again.
So I spent the first part of my waking hours either
hiding under the bed or just staying in my room as
far away from the noise as possible.

Eventually the noise ceased, so I was finally able 
to go outside and enjoy a bit of the day.

I went over to check my favorite spot on 
the sidewalk to roll around on.
Now, if you've been following this blog,
you know that first, humans ruined it by 
hosing it down...twice! rained on it.
Well, I guess that wasn't good enough for the humans.
This time they power-washed it!
As it turns out, that's what all the noise was.

Not a trace of dust.

Well, at least it was a beautiful day.

Also, the tasty plant is starting to show its spring colors.

Now, some of you follow me on the G+,
so you know I've been a bit concerned over one of
my favorite toys missing for four months.
Well, Mom thought she'd take another look under the stove.
She didn't find Yoda-Mouse, (the missing toy in question),
but she did find A toy mouse.
Do you see it?

How about from this angle?

I guess I had tucked that one in pretty good.

I wasn't interested in THAT mouse, though.
So I went back to my real live mouse watching spot.

Later, Daddy came home, Computer Aunt "showed up",
and the humans did their thing.
So I commenced entertaining myself.
Of course, that's when the camera came back out.

You may notice that Mom has temporarily added
a sub-level to my box hotel.
This made it especially tall, which I like,
and a bit wobbly...which I kinda like too.
So I started playing with my tail while on the tippy top.

Yeah, I said 'tippy'.

What? A cat can't do bad puns like humans?

Yeah, it was pretty bad...I admit it.

Next thing I knew, Mom had brought out another
old toy I hadn't seen in awhile.
The red dot!

After chasing that around for a bit, I tried out my new
basement level.

Then it happened.
Daddy re-checked the spot under the recliner.
There...hidden in the darkness; masked by layers of dust,
was Yoda-Mouse!

It was under there real good.
Mom and Daddy had even completely moved the chair once.
So, after a good cleaning, Mom returned my long lost toy to me.

I even played that game with Mom where
she hands me my toy and I throw it so she
has to pick it up and hand it to me all over again...
and again...and again.

I am quite happy to have one of my favorite toys back,
but ultimately there is a real mouse calling my name.

I will find you too, Mousey.
Oh yes!  I will find you!