Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mouse Hunt

Yesterday things were back to normal enough
that I went on the usual rounds with Mom.
I discovered that the Nice Ladies had purchased
a toy for me and placed it under my chair.

I didn't play with it.

Instead I climbed up on the chair next
to Mom and looked out the window.

Eventually I went past the chair and sat
directly on the window sill.

Everything was as it should be,
so I made myself at home.

When Mom and I left, I checked the spot
on the sidewalk I like to roll on.
Since those humans had hosed it down
the day before, it didn't have enough dust on it.

So I moved on to other things.
Mom sat outside with me,
so I was able to spend some time 
stalking the mouse I'm SURE is
living in my tasty plant.

I waited patiently for a very long time.

I let nothing deter me.
I tried my best to stay focused even when
the dog that ignores me went by.

Occasionally I readjusted my position.

I admit to losing my focus when the boy
with the basketball ran by.

After awhile Mom made me go inside empty pawed.

I was frustrated that I didn't catch that mouse.
So later in the evening I took it out on Mom.

Fortunately for me, she's a very understanding human.
After I hissed and scratched her, she spoke 
calmly to me and distracted me with a toy.

Well, I admit to feeling a bit guilty for lashing out
at her, so I curled up next to her on the couch
and apologized in my own way.

She rewarded be with a nighttime recon.

I wanted to stay out for hours!

We walked all over the place.

I even went back to look for the mouse,
but I think he had gone out for a 
nighttime recon as well.

I reluctantly returned to the top of my box hotel.

I must make sure my mental strategies are in 
place for my next attempt to catch the mouse.