Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Restless Fever

Saturday I went into full brat mode.
Sunday I went into sweetheart needy mode.
By the time Monday arrived I had gotten both
out of my system.
So I began my my day with a good sunning
in the window.

I tried my best to ignore the fact the the humans
that made all the noise last week were still 
working around the pool area.
So, when Mom went on the usual rounds,
I once again opted to remain home.
In Mom's absence, I let my anxiety surface.

On the bright side, Daddy came home early.

Eventually Mom let me go outside with her.
First, I got in a good roll in the dust on the sidewalk.
Then I ignored the fact that the humans were still
working around the pool.
I was too curious about everything.
So curious, that I disobeyed Mom and began to
wander into their work area.

So she put a limit to my snooping.

By the time the humans were done with their work,
they had put water all over my favorite 
dusty rolling spot.
I was ruined!

The pool area, however, was beginning to look
normal again.

I took this to mean my world would 
soon return to normal.

Later in the evening, all the Monday People
came for a visit.
Including Auntie and Uncle.

At first, I joined everyone in the dining room.

After awhile, however, I began to feel 
a bit anti-social.

I hung out in my Alternate Box of Rebellion
for a good long time.

Even after everyone had gone,
I refused to come down.

Then Mom tempted me with my newly discovered
favorite food.


So I came all the way down to the top
of the refrigerator.

Then Mom got me to come all the way
down by offering me something better
than pears.

Nighttime recon.

I didn't get to go everywhere I wanted to;
nor did I get to stay out very long.

Mom seemed more intent on going back inside.

So I made the best of things by
getting her to hand me my catnip toy.

I had a great time!

Until I got bored.

I think I'm starting to get 
cabin fever.
Or spring fever.
Or something fever.

All I know is, I want to sit outside all day
and go on recons all night.