Monday, March 23, 2015

Unsatisfying Stuff

The weekend was slow and, in my opinion,

Saturday I spent all day in bed.
Now, you may think that's normal for a cat,
but usually when Mom gets up, I get up.
Sure, I may just settle down in a new location or something,
but I still get up when Mom does.
So, when I say, 'Saturday I spent all day in bed',
I mean I didn't get up when Mom did.
In fact, by the time evening rolled around,
Daddy actually came, picked me up, carried me
into the living room, and set me down on Mom's lap.
Which is where I stayed as long as I could.

After it had been good and dark outside for quite
some time, I got up and contemplated doing something.

I chose to ask for a nighttime recon.

What I got was something different.

Sure, I got to go for a VERY brief recon.
Then Mom and Daddy took me for a nighttime car ride.
I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Mom, however, didn't bring the camera.
Let's just say I stuck my nose out the window
and enjoyed the night air.
Enjoyment does not equal satisfaction.
Let's be clear about that.

Now I need to mention a couple of other things.
One is something that's been going on for awhile,
but I've failed to mention it in this here blog.

The problem of ants.
That's right, ANTS.
One day they invaded my food bowl!
Mom's been having a little difficulty locating
their point of entry, so she put my food bowl 
up on her desk.

In case you were wondering,
no, it has not stopped me from putting Mimzy in my food bowl.
I'm quite capable of jumping up onto the desk with Mimz in my mouth.

This brings me to my other recent activity.
I tried my paw at art....literally.
You see, Facetious Human has a blog of her own
called The Eyes of March.
Every March she posts a series of works done by 
various people.  It's really quite interesting.
So when she invited me to be the first non-human
artist featured on her blog, well, I jumped at the chance.
So please, check out my artwork here.
(But don't forget to finish reading mine!)

Oh, and I guess you could peruse the other art there too.
After all, I think Facetious Human is pretty okay as humans go...
 so she's earned it.

Sunday was still unsatisfying.
Now, I know it seems like I've already done plenty 
this weekend, but doing stuff and being satisfied are 
two different things.
After all, I am an admitted discontented cat.

I tried to stay up in my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

I say, 'I tried', because Mom eventually enticed
me with an open door.
I decided to attempt jumping down from a
new location.
After a lot of hesitation, (and Mom finally 
giving up with the camera), I jumped.

I enjoyed what little time I had outside.
It seems the spring is growing a bit chilly again.

So I went indoors willingly enough.
Then everyone came over.
Well, not the Monday people, (they don't generally show up on Sundays).
I'm talking about Auntie and Uncle as well as 
Nice Boy's family.
Except, Nice Boy didn't come with that was different.

After all the extra humans left, I commenced pleading.
Of COURSE I wanted a nighttime recon!

Did I get it?
Well, I did say my weekend was unsatisfying...
so no.  No I did not get it.