Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Usual Rounds

Yesterday Mom went on the usual rounds
without me.
I guess that's because I went up into my 
Alternate Box of Rebellion.
Fortunately, she came back for me.
So I was able to visit Nice Lady 1 
at her office.
After greeting her, I wandered around and 
made myself at home.

I tried out the various seats around the lounge.
First the one by the window.

Then I tried out the long couch.

Followed by the short couch.

I could keep a good eye on things from there.

I was, however, restless.

When it was time to go home,
I sauntered to the door to make sure it 
would be open and available to me.

Then I sat out on the grass.

Eventually I wandered over to check on the mouse.

I don't think he was home, so I just munched on the tasty plant.

It was Wednesday, but Tornado Girl didn't visit.
Mom, however, did leave at the usual time.

The entire time I was home alone with Daddy, 
I was quiet and well behaved.
When Mom came home I complained, ran amok,
and was a general pest.
I was very restless.
So restless that I forgot myself and attacked Mom's arm
with a bite and a few good rabbit kicks.
I instantly felt bad.
So, after what I considered to be a safe amount of time,
I ventured back to Mom's side.
Fortunately, she was forgiving.

So I curled up next to her and acted like nothing had happened.
Of course, if she had just taken me for a nighttime recon as
soon as she got home everything would have been fine.