Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Big Day!

Yesterday I sat on the outdoor mat...

The day looked normal.
The sun was shining.

Then the noise began.
I didn't know where to hide myself!
So Mom took me over to the office where
the Nice Ladies work.

I looked out the window to see
 what was going on outside.

What was that strange man doing to MY house?!

Mom called it 'power-washing'.
I called it 'terror'!

I couldn't stand it anymore,
so I hid under the couch.

When it became quiet again, Mom let me go 
home to survey the changes.

I wasn't sure how I felt, so I contemplated
staying indoors.

Then I heard Mom call me.

Well, it was a nice day after all.

I wasn't feeling very brave, so Mom brought
some of the tasty plant to me.

I rather enjoyed this method.

Mom went swimming for a bit, then
she came back for me.
I didn't even realize that we hadn't been to check the mail.

When we got back to the house,
I couldn't decide whether to go in or out.

That is a cat's place.  I really don't know
why humans get so impatient.

After Daddy came home, he and Mom left for 
a couple of hours.
When they finally returned, Mom absolutely refused 
to take me for a nighttime walk.

I begged and pleaded, but she just wouldn't comply.
So I rebelled.

That didn't seem to make any difference,
so I came down and found a new way to entertain myself.

I played in my big toy box!
I played with my Traveling Bag...

I played with a string...

I played with McQueen.

Mom even helped a little.

Sometimes a cat's just got to entertain himself!

Then I played with Chewbacca-Mouse.

Until I finally got tired.

Downright sleepy!

Of course, it's difficult to sleep well...

...when I open one eye and notice...

...that all the patio
stuff is still inside the house.