Thursday, June 12, 2014

Completely Normal

Yesterday was completely normal.
No ladders, no carpet cleaners.

I slept on the window sill well into the day.

When Mom and I visited Nice Lady in the office,
I was on my best behavior.

Afterward, I enjoyed some time on the patio.

Then Wednesday Guy came and took Mom away.

I've gotten very attached to Mom,
so while she was gone I put Mimzy in my food bowl for comfort.

I was eager to do something with Mom when she came home.
Anything would do.  Some play, a nighttime walk...
...but she was hungry and tired.
Eventually I gave up trying to tempt her.

Then, to my surprise, she tried to entice me to play.

I put little effort into it.

If Mom was going to do something with
me, I wanted it to be my choice.
So I sat near the door and waited.

Until finally!

"Yes!  Harness on, please!"

The most wonderful of all things Mom could do with me!

I got a nighttime walk!