Sunday, June 8, 2014

Long Weekend

This weekend...
where to begin?

 On Friday Daddy went to work as usual.
Those men were still outside making noise.
They even took away my favorite window.

Look at it!
This is an unacceptable view.

Fortunately, they finally uncovered my bedroom window.

Then Daddy came home early.
That's when he and Mom left me.
I was alone for hours!
When Uncle finally came over, I was happy to snuggle on his lap.

However, when Caturday came and Mom and Daddy still weren't home,
I ignored Uncle and hid under the bed...all day.

He would check on me from time to time.
He talked sweetly to me, but I didn't budge.

Eventually Uncle brought Holly over and let her 
sit in one spot in the dining room.

I continued to stay under the bed.
After all, a wildfire had broken out near our town.
This just made the fact that Mom and Daddy were gone
all the worse!

Then, right around sunset, Mom and Daddy came home!
I stayed under the bed until I heard Mom come into the room and 
call to me.  Then, I couldn't contain myself, I let out a little meow and 
crawled out from under the bed!

After I had checked things out, my appetite kicked in.

Notice where Mimzy is.

I came out of the bedroom and surveyed the situation.
Holly was still in the dining room.
I stayed in the hallway.

After awhile, Auntie came and visited too.
Then she, Uncle, and Holly went home.

With Mom and Daddy home,
I settled onto the recliner.

Then came Sunday.
Mom and Daddy left for a few hours.
This was normal, so I knew they'd be coming back.
I watched them leave from my bedroom window.

However, I was still feeling insecure, so
I put Mimzy in my food bowl...
the other one.

When Mom and Daddy came home, 
I snuggled up next to Mom and took a good nap.

Then I followed Mom everywhere she wandered.

Even when she left for 3 minutes to check on Poodle Lady,
 I meowed the entire time she was out of the house.
Daddy ratted me out.

The wildfire had grown to over 6,000 acres.
So my world has become orange.

Speaking of color...
I could finally see what the strange men had done.  

I can't say I understand humans.
So much fuss for something as pointless as changing colors.

Here's the 'before' picture from a couple of days ago:

And here's Sunday's picture:

Mom let me outside while she put all the patio stuff 
back where it belongs.

You can see the orange-ness of my world.

 Mom didn't let me stay out very long.
She didn't like the air.
I just wanted to be outside; I miss it.

So now it's near sunset on Sunday.
I'm going to try to get Mom to change her mind,

or at least sneak out for as long as I can...

...every time Mom goes out to photograph the sky.