Friday, June 6, 2014

I Give Up

Yesterday the strange men
outside were making a lot of noise.

I didn't hide.

I investigated.

They had done something to my window, 
so I couldn't see out.

I could see them out the patio door.

So I stayed in my bedroom window.

Admittedly, it was a bit depressing.

Yes. That was an animated GIF.

Eventually I just gave up and went
under the blanket that was hanging off the end of the bed.

This was not hiding.
This was brooding.

After the strange men finally left for the day,
I went outside to enjoy what I could.

Ultimately, however, Mom was too social with humans 
to pay much attention.

First it was Wednesday Guy and his wife.
Then it was Monday Aunt and Uncle (yet again on Thursday)
Then it was Uncle.

She gave her keys to Uncle.
I've seen this trade off to know what it means now.

Mom and Daddy are leaving me.
I wish I knew for how long.

At least I don't see any suitcases.