Sunday, June 22, 2014

Riding in the Car

Yesterday Mom and Daddy got ready to leave the house.
They asked if I wanted to go, so I went under the bed.

So they left without me.

They were away for hours.
While they were gone, I realized I was missing our 
routine Caturday outing.

So, when they came back, I was more receptive.
Fortunately, they were still willing to take me out.

We went to the park.
They let me sit in my bag for a bit while I adjusted to my surroundings.

I saw ducks.

I kept a low profile...

...and watched the geese.

It was getting close to sunset... we started walking back.

I eagerly got back into the car.

I was really beginning to enjoy my outing.

There was so much to see!

And I was happy being close to Mom.

When we arrived someplace else, 
I was eager to get out and explore.

I looked around and remembered that this was 
the place where Mom goes to with the Teenagers.

(To clear up some common confusion,
if Mom has an office she works at, this is it.
Not the place where the Nice Ladies work.
That's the leasing office for the apartments we live in.)

While we were there, we watched the sunset.

We didn't stay very long.
So it was back in the car!

I'm a pro at this.

To my surprise, we ended up at Auntie's workplace!

She was happy to take a break and see me.
Then the humans stood around a talked for awhile.

I got bored, so I told Mom, by squirming, 
that I wanted out of the bag.

I huddled next to the building and waited.

I could see a lot of humans.
Two people came up and greeted me.
I'd never met them, but they seemed to know Mom and Daddy.

After our visit with Auntie, 
we got back into the car and headed home.

Great Caturday Adventure!