Monday, June 16, 2014

Special Post: Concerning Harnesses

This is a special blog post for Kat-Renee Kittel 
and anyone else who has the same questions.

Regarding my harnesses:

The one on the left is my normal everyday harness.
Mom got it many years ago as it used to belong to Keaton.
I never knew Keaton, but Mom says he rarely used the harness.

(Buster) Keaton: 16 July 1994 - 15 May 2012

Normal harness with leash attachment
She bought it at a time when there weren't many cat harnesses available,
so she's certain there are better ones on the market now.

The Harness on the right is my car harness.
It was designed with dogs in mind.

However, it is sized x-small and Mom made me try it on 
in the store before she purchased it.  She had to make sure 
I couldn't squirm out of it.

She's added some carabiners on the sides so she can secure me more
efficiently.  If the harness is solely attached to the seatbelt, I tend to get 
tossed around a bit.  So she fastens my leash to it, loops it behind her back and 
attaches it again to the other side of the harness.  She also adds an extra safety loop 
that connects to the seatbelt.  It all seems very complicated to me, but it keeps me stable.

Now, about leash training.

Mom began by letting me wear the normal harness around the house to get used to it.
Then she added the leash and patiently taught me to walk up and down the hallway.

Finally we went outside!
She generally lets me lead, except that she clicks her tongue or 
snaps her fingers simultaneously with a tug on the leash to stop me from 
going a direction she doesn't want me to go.

If she wants to go a completely different direction than I do,
she has her way and picks me up.

I hope this has been helpful.
Any more questions on the subject may be posted in the comment box.