Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Discovery

Yesterday, while visiting Nice Lady 2 in her office,

I explored the room and made a new discovery.

There's a window that leads to Nice Lady 1's office...

...and I fit through it!

At first I went through and ran all the way to the
exit door that leads home.

Then Mom brought me back.

So I went through it again.
This time she had closed the door leading to the hallway,
so I only got as far as the lobby.

Then Mom brought me back.

So I went through it again.
That time Nice Lady 2 had closed Nice Lady 1's office door.
I meowed until the door opened and Mom brought me back.

Then, sitting once again in Nice Lady 2's office,
I surveyed my situation...

...and weighed my options.

Then I gave in and settled onto the floor.

I will, however, not forget about that window.

Later, I had some good patio time with Mom.

Then Quiet Boy rode up on his bicycle.

This is me giving it the 'evil eye'.

Just look at the beast.

I got so freaked out over it that I put a big whole
in Mom's shirt with my hind claws.

All the Teenagers came over after that.

So, after a nice long nap,
I asked Mom if I could go outside.

She let me.
After seeing that I had made peace with the bicycle,
however, she muttered...

..."That figures."