Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lingering Insecurities

Yesterday I could still hear the ladders outside.
I guess the strange men weren't quite gone for good yet.

Mom left for a few hours.
When she finally came home, she took me right
past that man on the ladder.
We managed to make our usual rounds,
ending with a visit to the Nice Ladies in the office.

We stayed longer than I liked.
I have to admit that I took shelter under the couch 
while Mom busied herself with some new project.

When we got home, she left the door open for me 
while she went to quickly wash her hands.
I've been a bit insecure since she left for the weekend,
so I lost track of her and began to panic.
I went outside and meowed desperately for her, thinking she had gone.

She quickly poked her head out of the bathroom and called to me.
I felt a bit silly.

I kept track of her for the rest of the day.
Which, as it turns out, wasn't bad.
Uncle came over and the smoke wasn't overhead anymore.

Then Monday Aunt and Uncle came over. (On the right day!)
Daddy also came home around the same time.

I wandered around the house feeling a bit bored
 while the humans did their thing.

I spent a good amount of time on Mom's lap.

After all our guests had gone,
Mom took some time to play with me.

Now, if I could just convince her to take me on a nighttime walk.
One must keep track of the smells around One's territory after all.