Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No Stress Today!

Yesterday I was so laid back!
When Mom and I went to visit Nice Lady in the office,
I didn't hide under the couch...
I frolicked on it.

Even when Maintenance Guy 1 came in,
I was completely confident and relaxed.

Maybe a little bored,

but definitely not stressed.

Then Wednesday Guy came and got Mom early.
It was so abrupt!

I waited for hours for her to get home.
I played with Mimzy, but what I really wanted to do 
was go outside.

She came home and I went right out the door!
She dragged me back in for a short time 
before putting me on my tether.

That was nice, but not quite what I had in mind.
Every time Mom stepped inside the house for half a second,
I yelled at her with my most discontented meow.

Fortunately, Mom was feeling generous and took
me for a nice long nighttime walk.

I was able to get a nice good sense of what's 
been going on in my neighborhood!