Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two Days

Thursday was lazy and uneventful.
I enjoyed a bit of time on the patio.

Mom spent some time talking to Computer Aunt 
while I sat in the window for hours.

Friday was different.
It was chilly and rainy.

Auntie and Uncle visited.
So that was nice.

Later, as I was enjoying some time outside,
I began to stalk a bird.

I was slow and patient.

I didn't even notice how far from home I was getting.
Then Loud Boy rode up on his bike and startled me.
It was then that I turned to run home and realized how far I had to go.
I also realized that Mom was keeping a close watch on me.
So that's a relief.

As soon as Loud Boy arrived, so did the other teenagers.
They mostly ignored me while they were here.

After they had gone, I tried to get Mom to take me on a nighttime walk.
She said she had a headache and wasn't going to take me.

I couldn't argue with that, so I settled onto the back of the couch
near the door.

Eventually I moved to Mom's lap.

I'm sort of hoping for more playtime.