Friday, June 20, 2014

Mom's Too Social

Yesterday started off fairly normal.
Once again, I was very relaxed visiting Nice Lady 2 in the office.

Even though a lot of people came into the office,
I didn't hide.
I greeted them.
Well, O.K., I made them come greet me.
Just the same, I was not stressed at all.

Then Mom sat outside with me for awhile while she ate lunch.

It was an very nice day!

I was content to stay out there for hours,

but Mom left and went to Poodle Lady's house.

When she came home, I didn't get much time with her.
Sarcastic Monday came and took Mom to the River Trail.
I know that's where they went because I've been there before 
and I'd recognize the smell anywhere.

Here's a picture of the awesome view of the sunset that
they enjoyed without me:

When they returned, Mom began making dinner before
tending my needs.
Finally Mom took a break to assure me that there was 
no monster under the bed.

Before I knew it, Monday Aunt and Uncle came over too.

So, that means that all the Monday People were over...


Sarcastic Monday left, so Mom and Monday Aunt sat down
to watch some show while Monday Uncle worked on his computer.

I snuggled next to Mom and waited for Daddy to come home.
He's been coming home so late!

It's a good thing Mom and Daddy keep cat hours.
That way I get to see Daddy for a few hours before bedtime.