Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ordinary Day

Yesterday the strange men were still around 
moving ladders around.
Then the ceiling people were noisy.
Then the carpet cleaners came and made more noise.
So Mom and I went to visit the Nice Ladies in the office
where it was a bit more quiet.

I wandered.
I hid.
I meowed.
I was cute.

When we went home,
Mom did let me enjoy a bit of outside time.

It was a pretty nice day.
Even though people were enjoying the swimming pool nearby,
Mom stayed home.

When Daddy came home and Mom settled into the recliner,
I curled up on her lap as usual.

I'm trying something new in my blog.
So, just as a test, I'm adding the video 
that I used to make my GIF.

Let me know if it works and if you like it.