Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Day at Computer Aunt's

Yesterday everyone got up early.
I discovered that Computer Aunt had made
some improvements to the box above her refrigerator.

I also did a fair amount of exploring on the ground.

Then they all left me.
They were gone for a couple of hours.

When they finally returned,
I was curled up in the warmest corner above the cabinets

Of course, as soon as they noticed me,
I moved over to my Vacation Box of Rebellion.

Or whatever it says...I can't read.

Mom was gracious enough to give me some wet food.

I enjoyed a little,
Then I was done with it.

Mom sat down with a blanket,
so I actually got to snuggle on her lap.

Eventually she got up and left me with
the blanket in the chair.

Fortunately, she returned.

Then, the humans did it again.
They left me for a couple of hours.

So I did it again too.
I returned to my rebellion.

I'm still a bit dubious about what to expect next.
All I know is that it's been a long and interesting 
adventure so far.