Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cabin Fever

Yesterday Mom went on the usual rounds without me.
Then she came back into the house for about two seconds
only to leave me again.
Even Daddy got home before she did.
Apparently she went to Poodle Lady's house.

Needless to say, because of my feelings of 
abandonment, I put Mimz in the food bowl.

I think even Mimzy was sad.

When Mom came home, she left the door open
for a bit so I could actually go outside.
I checked the patio for scents.

Then I checked the east side of the patio.

Followed by an investigation of the left side of the patio.

I was a tad bit annoyed that everything beyond
the patio was very cold and slightly wet.

Some of it touched my foot.

I sat there for a bit longer.
Mom asked if I was ready to come in yet.
At first I said, "No."
That 'no' lasted for about five seconds.
Then I suddenly decided I was indeed done
being in below freezing temperatures.

It was then that the winter finally got the best of me.
I came down with a bad case of cabin fever.

I went absolutely stir crazy.

I growled and I ran.
I meowed and hit things with my paws.

After running around for a good while,
I took a brief nap on Mom's lap.

Followed by more running around.

Then, while Mom hung out with Computer Aunt,
I tried to settle down on her lap again.

When Mom started working on my blog,
 she had no available lap space,
so I sat next to her to oversee her work.

That didn't last long either.
My cabin fever took hold again.

First, I tried Daddy's lap.
He wasn't sitting quite right.
So I tried the blanket box.
It had some stuff besides blankets in it.

So I gave up and commenced running amok.

I just didn't know what to do with myself.

I don't know how I'm going to make it through winter!

After expending what energy I could,
I tried Mom's lap again.
Still unavailable.

So I went to Daddy.
He had added a blanket to his lap.

So I finally settled down.
At least Daddy seemed happy,
even if my dreams were restless.