Thursday, March 27, 2014

Worst. Month. Ever!


Yesterday I got up early and played.
My insecurities from the last couple of weeks got the best of
me and I put Mimzy in my food bowl.

So I went back to bed.

Mom came and woke me later.
I was feeling less than eager to face the day.

When we went to get the mail,
we passed by a car that had such interesting smells on it!

Then we went to visit Nice Lady in the office.

After we got home, Mom let me chill outside.

It was a very nice day.
I got to go outside more than once!

When I went out for the second time,
I didn't have my harness on.
So I was good and sat on the mat.

As soon as Mom put the harness and tether on me,
I went out to the grass.

I am loving the spring air!

When I went inside, I had to face the 
harsh reality.

Mom was packing...


Let's recap.
First Auntie and Uncle left.
Then, while they were still gone,
Daddy left.
Then, as soon as he got back,
Mom left!
Now, Mom's been back for like, one day,
and she and Daddy are leaving!

I've had it!

I tried to prevent her from completing her task.

Not only did I sit on her suitcase,
but I also messed with her stuff.

More than once I pushed her clothes to the ground.

I also followed Mom from room to room as she
went about her packing, seeking a way to stop her.
( wasn't because I missed her!)

She had her hair in little braids,
so I played with them.

Ultimately I was trying to be the brat that
Mom and Daddy deserve.

Mom tried to give me a peace offering of wet food.

In the end, however, I chose
to mostly ignore her while sitting on my
chair pining for the outdoors.

Auntie and Uncle came over and got house keys
from Mom and Daddy.
I guess they're going to be here for me.
(Don't think I've forgotten that they left me this month too!)

I guess this means no blog for a few days.