Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July 2014

Yesterday Mom, Daddy and Uncle went to the river.
It must be officially summer.
Mom often comes home smelling like she's been in the river
when it's summertime.

When they all returned, Uncle didn't stay.
Mom and Daddy invited me to enjoy some family patio time.

It was a beautiful day.
I kept hearing those strange bangs, pops and whistles that
reminded me it was a human holiday,
but I didn't really mind.

Then Mom and I took a nap in the recliner.

It was time well spent as far as I'm concerned.

Eventually, the sun set.

So we got in the car and drove to a place by the place
Daddy said he works.

We had good a view of Pilot Butte.

I remember going to the top of that recently.

Mom let me stay snuggled in my bag.
I was actually quite content.

Sarcastic Monday met us there and the humans 
enjoyed their holiday show.

I enjoyed the return car ride and even stuck my head out the window.

When we got home, (Sarcastic Monday included), Uncle and Auntie joined us
and visited for awhile.
All in all it was a pretty good day.

I hope all our friends from the U.S. out there in Interwebs-land had a 
fun safe 4th of July!