Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Warm Lazy Day

Yesterday Wednesday Guy and his wife and some teenager 
I'd never seen before came and took Mom away for hours (on Tuesday).

When she returned, she was sad and told Daddy and I 
that it was probably the last time she would get to see 
Wednesday Guy.  It seems he and his wife are moving away.

So that makes me wonder...
who will come take Mom away today?

If I'm lucky, no one.

But enough about Mom...back to MY day.
 I didn't really do anything but nap until sunset.

That's around the time I finally got to go outside while
Mom sat on the patio and talked to Computer Aunt.

I enjoyed some of the tasty plant that's in my yard.

I couldn't quite reach the better tasty plant.

When we went back inside, I went back to napping.
Then I heard the sound of my harness.
Oh happy night!

We hadn't gone to get the mail yet!

It was a nice warm night.
On the way back from the mailbox,
I stopped at the door to the Nice Ladies' office.

Mom had to remind me that it was after business hours,
so they weren't there.

We stayed out and enjoyed a nice walk.
Mom got a little annoyed with me when I just settled 
onto the sidewalk in front of the neighbors' house.

Eventually we went through my house one last time.
(because that's how I do my nighttime walk...with several laps through the house)

Mom said she would let me stay out on the tether since it was so nice.

Much to my dismay, however, outside suddenly smelled strongly of skunk,
so Mom wasn't about to leave the door open.

I was robbed of my nighttime patio time!

Robbed I tell you!