Saturday, July 26, 2014

Perfect Weather to Test Boundaries

Yesterday the weather was perfect!
78°F/25°C with a slight cool breeze.
Not a cloud in the sky.

All there was for me to concern myself with was testing my boundaries.

I got as close as I could to the neighbors rocks.

Then Mom made me come back to the patio.
You can see my enthusiasm:

Now, take special note of Mom's camera angle.
You may deduce that she is sitting in MY favorite red chair.

So I 'crept up on some birds'.
At least that was the excuse I used.

I checked to see if Mom was watching:

She was.

When she came to get me I ran back to the patio 
and stole the red chair.

Before long I tested my boundaries again
only to have Mom stop me right away.

This time I retreated all the way into the house and 
sat on the back of the couch.

I was, of course, so cute that
 she took pity on me and invited me out to the sidewalk.

After a good roll, I checked for the upstairs cat:


So I ventured over to the door that leads to the office.

Hmm, no cat door.
Then, to my surprise, Mom invited me to walk down 
the sidewalk with her.

I, of course, didn't stay on the sidewalk.
I followed the neighbors rocks, stopping 
to look longingly at the forbidden yard.

We went all the way to the second neighbor's house.
I still wanted to climb on the rocks.

It was, however, at this point that I realized how
far away home was:

I went running back!
All the way inside my house.

Then I got interested in a leaf rustling on the grass outside.

I got ready to pounce...

...and sat down.

Until I saw that bird again and went for it!

Mom stopped me again and offered a substitute:
my feather toy.

After a bit of play,
she let me have the red chair:

I accepted.

I is mine after all.

That's right, I deserve a reward for sitting in this chair.

After all, I wasn't 'chasing birds' anymore.

Eventually, of course, she made me go inside.

I remained King of the Couch until I realized 
Mom was leaving me for a few hours.
In which case I batted her ankles with my 
soft paws every time she walked by me.

Where are YOUR boundaries, Mom?
How do I enforce those?
Why do YOU get to leave the house and go 
wherever you want?

So unfair!