Thursday, July 3, 2014

Change in the Weather

Yesterday there was a thunderstorm.

After our usual mail run,
I opted go inside and wait for it to blow over.

Wednesday Guy's Wife came and visited.
She and Mom hugged and said goodbye to each other.
I remembered that Mom had told me the 
Wednesday People were moving away.

I thought this meant that Mom wouldn't be leaving me 
as she usually does on Wednesdays.

I, however, was wrong.

When the time came, a new Wednesday Guy showed up
and took Mom away.

Fortunately Daddy was home.
He and I sat on the patio together...

...and enjoyed a fabulous sunset.

Then Mom came home, said something to Daddy, 
and then they left together.

I was alone.
The good thing is that they weren't gone very long.

I tried to get Mom to take me on a nighttime walk.
When she took a shower instead, I resigned hope and curled up 
on the bench in the dining room.

I dreamt of getting more attention from Mom.

Another day another dream.