Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer of Discontent

The last two days my discontent has persisted.

Mom, Daddy, Auntie and Uncle have seen fit to spend
time at the river or wherever.
I have been bored and lonely.

I did get to enjoy a nice sunset.

This is me under the chair waiting for night.

This is me in my new favorite spot behind the small tasty plant:

Can't you just see how "content" I am?

I have to admit, I do enjoy the new chair Mom found in the river.

I've gotten a bit grumpy of late; lashing out at my humans.
I hissed at Daddy and Monday Uncle.
I fought Mom when she petted me.
(One must test one's place in the hierarchy from time to time)

Nighttime walks haven't been enough.
I am in some need of some serious playtime.

I'm so bored I could just scream!

Restless I tell you!