Friday, July 25, 2014

Suspicions Confirmed

Yesterday I was proven right.

Across from my patio came the ladders.
The humans were going to make a big to-do over
the color of the office building.

My first reaction was to retreat down the hall to my room:

Then came the annoyance:

Followed by the curiosity:

Then the apathy:

The humans were out there working until sunset.
Then I finally felt comfortable going onto my patio.

I personally didn't care about the office building being a new color.

I was more interested in the birds.

And the sunset.
(Which was pleasant even without clouds)

Then came the tether.


Eventually I had to go back indoors.
As usual, I got a little restless hoping for a nighttime walk.

No...I wasn't surprised to see Daddy in the kitchen.
Why do you ask?