Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Peaceful Patio

Yesterday began nice enough.
When Mom and I visited the Nice Ladies in the office,
I enjoyed the chair very much.

Aww, yeah!

Of course, this really means:

"Mom! Take off my harness!"

Then the sky went dark.
I didn't mind.
Then I heard thunder.
And I was like, "Ummm, Mom? Can I go home now?"

She let me go!
I couldn't cover the ground between the office and
home fast enough!

(While keeping a low profile of course.)

Once I was home, however, there was no more thunder.

So eventually I relaxed on the patio.

Mom let me wander over to the tasty plant.

Mmm...tasty plant.

After a good nip I cleaned up.

Once I got inside, however, I was bored stiff!

Daddy came home early again!
So I got a little more patio time during sunset.

Yeah, it sure was pleasant.

I even got away with going out to the sidewalk...

...where I could see if Upstairs Calico was in the window.