Thursday, July 17, 2014


Recently my mood hasn't changed.
I spend my days awaiting nightfall.

When it finally arrives...

...I get the tether.

Maybe I get a nighttime walk,
but it's never enough lately.

On the plus side, Mom's taken to using my tether as a leash.
This means that she can give me more of a lead.
It even made it possible for Mom and I to run together for 
a short distance.  That was fun!

So another day arrives and I wait.

When I do finally get my nighttime walk,
I get obsessed with the scents on certain car bumpers.

That makes Mom oddly impatient.

So, when she finally gets me home,
it's back to being tethered to the patio.

Of course, I stretch the tether as far as it will go 
and sit on the sidewalk.

I stare wistfully into the night.

When that doesn't improve my circumstance, 
I start meowing at the upstairs cat.