Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lazy Days

Sunday I did a lot of nothing.
Mom and Daddy went to the river and 
came back with a new patio chair.

It smelled very much like the river,
so I assume it's one of those things Mom finds 
at the bottom of the river.
She does that.

Monday was another lazy day for me.
While Mom and Daddy were enjoying the patio 
waiting for the Monday People to arrive,
they brought out a big bowl of strawberries.

Now, this picture is misleading:

I don't like strawberries.
What I was tasting was the water on the side of the bowl.

Then I went around the corner to my new favorite 
outdoor spot.

Then I chased a bug.
At first it was flying, but I put a stop to that.
Then it moved around on the ground for a bit.

Once it stopped moving I lost interest.

Eventually, of course, the Monday People did show up.

So the rest of my night was spent vying for attention.