Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bugs and Thunder

Yesterday was hot.
Mom left me for hours.
I was bored.

Then things began to change.

Mom came home.
We went out on the patio.
The temperature dropped.
Rain drops began to hit the sidewalk.

At first it was only a small change in the weather,
so I just sat under a chair and watched.

Then the clouds began to look more ominous.

There were some distant thunderclaps,
so I moved to the other side of the patio to observe
and smell the air.

Then there was one really loud thunderclap,
so I ran into the house and hid under the chair in my bedroom.

Mom thought it was for the best.
She came inside too.

The storm passed quickly; Daddy came home 
and we went back outside.

After it got dark, Mom took me for a walk.
Well...she really wanted a walk.
I wanted to go to the front of the building and lounge on the sidewalk.

She got me to move a few feet before I plopped down on the ground again.

I felt like King of the Neighborhood.

We saw a big June beetle.
I went to investigate it and it hissed at me.

At ME!

So I left it alone and we returned to the patio.
Well, Mom put me on the tether, so I went off the patio
and sprawled out on the sidewalk.

Then I saw a big white moth on the wall.
Mom was kind enough to let me off the tether so I could chase it.

At first I sort of toyed with it.

Then I carried it closer to home.

Then I made a few attempts to eat it.

Until I finally succeeded.

As soon as I finished eating the moth,
that June beetle flew all the way into my territory.

It gave me quite a challenge.

I had fun.

Ultimately, however, its hissing and hard shell were 
enough to deter me.
So I left it alone.

Then I noticed one of the upstairs cats was watching me.

I meowed.
Upstairs Cat looked down at me.

I got closer, but couldn't see from that angle.

How disappointing.