Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hailstorm of a Day

Yesterday got off to a bad start.

THIS is what I woke up to:


I stayed under the bed.

Mom went to get the mail and visit the Nice Ladies.

I stayed under the bed.

Mom came and checked on me.
I came out into the room while she was there...

...the I retreated under the bed.

Mom left again.

I stayed under the bed.

Mom returned.
The weather abated.
I came to investigate.

Then I went back under the bed.

Mom left to someplace unknown to me.

Eventually I was convinced that the weather was going to 
remain calm, so I came out and played with Mimzy.

I waited for hours until Mom finally came home.

She let me enjoy some brief outside time.

If she stepped inside the house for half a second,
I meowed at her.
"Don't leave me, Mom!"

Eventually we came in together.

I curled up close to Mom on the couch.

Please... more thunder.