Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Noncompliance of Humans

Yesterday, when Mom and I went on our mail run, 
Nice Lady 2 was very busy.
She always greets me first and then Mom.
(Rightfully so.)
Today, however, she only had
 time to give me a quick 'hello' before running all 
over the place.

So I just sat on the chair next to Mom while she worked 
on that jigsaw puzzle by herself.
She made sure a chair was positioned just right beside to the window.

I wasn't enjoying my harness in the slightest, so
I began to squirm until Mom agreed to take it off me.

Nice Lady 2 never got the chance to visit with us.

Later, the Monday People showed up for their weekly visit.
Monday Aunt, however, was missing.
I don't often see Monday Uncle with Monday Aunt around.

To make matters more unusual,
the humans didn't even watch any of their usual shows;
they just sat around and talked.


No decent lap to sit on.
I mean, when humans watch their shows, they get 
all comfortable and recline.
When they talk, this is not the case.

I begged them to let me outside.
They would not comply.

So I gave up and looked as miserable as possible on the back
of the couch.

When Mom decided to pet me I let her know 
exactly how displeased I was.

If only GIFs has sound.
Then my voice would be heard.

"Don't touch me unless you're going to take me outside!"